Doubling the Shop Size

This is embarrassing. I got so busy this past year that I didn’t add all the items I should have to my Etsy shop. I’m correcting that this month. The shop will have twice as many products by the end of January. I had a process in my head for when I created something new so that it would be added to the shop. The problem is that process is in my head, and subject to SOS (shiny object syndrome). I added something as a print, and maybe a 4×4 in. art panel, but then got distracted and forgot to add the 8×10 or larger panels. I’m writing and revising that process this month so this year will be better.


It’s the second week in January, and that means Spring show applications are already popping up. I’m adding more spring shows. One thing I learned last year is that January and February are slow months. I need to start packing the March and April calendars as full as I can right now!


While I’m here letting you know what’s going on, I’ll just tease you with a bit of news. I’m focusing on some licensing and acquisition deals for 2018 to help create another line of income. If you’d like to license any of my existing work or to commission something specifically, get in contact with me and let’s talk.

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